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the more you trade, the lower your commissions
New program that allows to reduce
trading commissions by up to 35%
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How it works
Reduce commissions by trading with Broker
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    Trade actively
    Connect to Crypto Exchange through Broker and start trading
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    Reduce commissions
    Reduce trading commissions
    by up to 35%
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    Utilize saved funds
    Withdraw saved funds instantly or use them for trading
Connection to
TOP crypto exchanges
Trade on the largest cryptocurrency exchange with extra benefit
  1. Connect to TOP
    crypto exchanges
  2. is an official
    exchanges broker
    All assets are securely stored
    on the exchanges
  3. Return commissions by trading
    various instruments
    up to
Trade more to unlock
greater benefits
Commission reduction percentage and rewards depend on the trading volume in the last 30 days:
  • The more
    you trade
  • The more you reduce
  • The more rewards
    you get
How much commission can I reduce?
Withdraw easily
Withdraw funds in different cryptocurrencies right in your Broker account within an hour
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Free access to the trading platform Broker users get complimentary unlimited access to the trading platform
How to start
  1. Enroll in the program
    in just a few clicks
  2. Complete KYC
    to increase deposit and withdraw limits
  3. Top up balance
    with available cryptocurrencies
  4. Create API keys
    to connect to the trading platform
  5. Reduce commission
    Trade more to get a higher reduction %
Get the most out of your trading
Join the program and boost your earning potential
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Frequently Asked Questions
How to deposit and withdraw money?

Users can easily deposit and withdraw funds in their accounts after completing verification and enabling two-factor authentication (2FA).

To deposit:

  • 1. Complete verification.
  • 2. Turn on two-factor authentication using a mobile phone number of Google Authenticator app.
  • 3. Proceed to the main page of your account and click the “Deposit” button.
  • 4. Select the cryptocurrency and blockchain to get your wallet address for the deposit of funds.

To withdraw:

  • 1. On the main page of your account, click the “Withdraw” button.
  • 2. Select cryptocurrency and blockchain.
  • 3. Confirm transaction via the Google Authenticator app or mobile phone number.
Is it safe to use Broker?

Users’ safety is at the very top of our priorities, and we undertake all necessary measures to protect our clients’ information and funds.

Our clients’ funds are securely stored on Binance, OKX, Bybit, as is an official broker of the exchange. All user assets are segregated, meaning each user gets a separate sub-account for keeping of their assets.

Which platforms I can use to trade in Broker?

Users can trade with platforms for Windows and macOS. Broker clients get complimentary access to the platforms.

Download the latest platform version by following one of the links below:

What are the available reduction rates? Broker users can reduce their trading commissions by up to 35%. The reduction percentage depends on trading volume in the last 30 days: the more you trade, the more you reduce commissions.

% Trading volume (USDT)
25% 0 USDT 550,000 USDT
25.5% 500,001 USDT 1,250,000 USDT
26% 1,250,001 USDT 2,500,000 USDT
26.5% 2,500,001 USDT 4,000,000 USDT
27% 4,000,001 USDT 6,500,000 USDT
27.5% 6,500,001 USDT 10,000,000 USDT
28% 10,000,001 USDT 14,000,000 USDT
28.5% 14,000,001 USDT 18,500,000 USDT
29% 18,500,001 USDT 23,000,000 USDT
29.5% 23,000,001 USDT 45,000,000 USDT
35% 45,000,001 USDT